Guides & Facilitators

The 2018 Earth Vase Pilgrimage

will be led by Lama Karma


The “Work That Reconnects” Retreat

will be led by Lama Karma and Deborah Eden Tull

Justin Wall (Lama Karma)

Justin Wall is a lama in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition with over seven years of retreat experience.  He has been teaching meditation and yoga for 12 years and is the director of Milarepa Retreat center in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee (www.mocd.org) and Lotus Light LLC in Knoxville.


He graduated with honors from Columbia University with degrees in English Literature and Religious Studies in 2002.  Following this, he spent the next year traveling in Nepal and India, eventually returning to New York to enter a three-year retreat in the Karma Kagyu And Shangpa Kagyu traditions at Kagyu Thubten Choling Monastery in the Hudson Valley.  In 2007 he entered a second three-year retreat under Lama Norlha Rinpoche, this time mainly practicing in the Nyingma tradition.  Following this, he moved to the Smoky Mountains to build Milarepa Osel Cho Dzong retreat center, particularly focusing on the construction of the Earth Healing Stupa of Enlightenment.


In 2015 he travelled to Shangpa Karma Ling in France, participating in the first 6 months of the three-year retreat there, serving as an assistant drupon, or retreat master.


In 2015 he completed the Certification in Mindfulness Facilitation through the Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLA, and is also an accredited facilitator of Open Mindfulness (www.openmindfulness.net).

Deborah Eden Tull

Founder of Mindful Living Revolution, teaches the integration of compassionate awareness into every aspect of our lives. She is a Zen meditation and mindfulness teacher, public speaker, author, activist, and sustainability educator. She trained for seven years as a Buddhist monk at a silent Zen monastery in Northern California, and she has been traveling to, living in, or teaching about conscious, sustainable communities internationally for the last 25 years. She currently resides in Ojai, California and offers workshops, retreats, and consultations nationally.


Eden’s first book, The Natural Kitchen: Your Guide for the Sustainable Food Revolution (Process Media), was published in September 2010 and her second book, Relational Mindfulness: Reclaiming Our Shared Power in an Age of Disconnect, will be coming out with Wisdom Publications soon. She has been practicing Buddhism for 24 years and has been teaching for 15 years. Eden teaches both Zen meditation and mindfulness and has worked with a wide range of audiences, from dharma students and people wanting to cultivate more compassion in their life, to concerned citizens and activists, to parents, schools and corporations, and to special populations such as inner city youth and people who are incarcerated.


Eden has a special gift in facilitating mindful inquiry and relational mindfulness, and is passionate about helping people to remember the depth of interconnection that is available in every moment and every interaction. She is passionate about the personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal impact of mindfulness.


She has been an organic gardener and farmer for many years, including at places such as Green Gulch Farm in Marin County, California, Arcosanti in the Arizona desert, the Zen Buddhist monastery where she trained, and in urban gardens in the San Francisco Bay area and in Los Angeles. She is certified in Permaculture Design and Bio-Intensive Organic Gardening. Eden is also a facilitator of The Work That Reconnects as created by eco-philosopher Joanna Macy.  She is a UCLA-Certified Mindfulness Facilitator and has offered workshops through UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center since 2012.


Eden offers personal consultations for individuals and couples, as well as consultations and training for larger organizations. Her teaching style emphasizes deep listening, transparency, inquiry, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to compassion.